Napoléon – Cinema

General informations

Duration – 150  minutes.
Playwright –  David Scarpa.
DirectorRidley Scott.
Date – November 22, 2023

My comment

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon is cool to watch, but it has a few problems. The director is English, so the story may be a little biased, although it is said that the English have no honor. The film focuses more on the love story of Napoleon and Joséphine than on his struggles, which can be disappointing. Also, there is a scene where Napoleon shoots the pyramids with cannons, but it is completely wrong. In summary, the film is visually nice, but you have to be aware of the biases, the imbalance between Napoleon’s love and war, and errors like that of the pyramid.


The origins of Napoleon and his ruthless and rapid rise, from his promotion at the time of the Revolution to his final days, through the prism of his addictive and explosive relationship with his wife and only love, Joséphine.


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