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Exhibition – Iris van Herpen

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My visit to the “Fashion and Sport” exhibition was truly impressive. Accompanied by my TFMA1 class and guided by Ms. Roulot and Ms. Costanza, the guide really knew how to captivate our attention with her expertise. The exhibition offers an intriguing perspective on the evolution of sport and significantly addresses the place of women, highlighting their challenges and successes through the prism of fashion.


450 pieces of clothing and accessories, photographs, sketches, magazines, posters, paintings, sculptures and videos highlight the evolution of sports clothing and its influence on contemporary fashion. Jean Patou, Jeanne Lanvin, Gabrielle Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli are among the pioneers who, during the interwar period, took an interest in the sporting world and transcribed it in their haute couture creations. The exhibition shows how sportswear has made it possible to divert sports clothing from its specific use to integrate it into the daily wardrobe. The question of comfort, the common thread of the exhibition, allows us to understand the reasons why jogging and sneakers have become fashion essentials, both for everyday life and for haute couture, from Balenciaga to Off-White. This exhibition is curated by Sophie Lemahieu, Fashion and Textile curator in charge of collections after 1947, in a colorful and joyful scenography by BGC Studio.

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