Gran Turismo – Cinema

General informations

Duration – 135 minutes.
DirectorNeill Blomkamp.
Date – August 9, 2023

My comment

I recently had the pleasure of watching the movie Gran Turismo, and I have to say that the experience was gripping from start to finish. The story of a video game enthusiast who transforms into a professional pilot after years of simulation training really struck a chord with the gamer in me. Going from gaming sessions on the PlayStation to the actual race track was both inspiring and emotional.

The atmosphere of the film was remarkable, perfectly capturing the excitement and tension of car racing. The driving sequences were visually stunning, and the sounds of the roaring engines added an extra layer of immersion. You could really feel the passion and adrenaline through the screen.

What particularly impressed me was how the film managed to transcend its initial PlayStation 3 era. Despite its roots in the past, Gran Turismo remains surprisingly relevant with timeless themes that still resonate today. today. The rapid evolution of the world of gaming and virtual motor racing is convincingly represented.

In short, Gran Turismo is much more than just a movie for racing game fans. It is a celebration of passion, dedication and personal transformation. If you are a fan of the franchise or simply a lover of inspiring stories, this film is a must-see gem.


Gran Turismo follows the incredible true story of a team of outsiders: a working-class gamer, a failed ex-racing driver, and an idealistic motorsport industry executive. Together, they risk everything and take on the most elite sport in the world.

Inspiring, thrilling and action-packed, GRAN TURISMO proves that nothing is impossible when you are determined to take every risk.


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