Oppenheimer – Cinema

General informations

Duration – 180 minutes.
DirectorChristopher Nolan.
Date – July 19, 2023

My comment

Honestly, Oppenheimer  wasn’t really my thing, and here’s why. First of all, the film lasted three hours, a little too long for me. The story was a bit complicated with these jumps in time every 30 seconds, and that muddied the waters. The idea of telling the story through a trial was cool, but it made things a little too complicated at times.

In addition, the director, Christopher Nolan, did not use too many modern special effects. The bomb going off, yeah, that was real, but let’s face it, a little visual spice would have been nice. Compared to other recent films, it lacked a bit of punch. It’s not insignificant that I chose this illustration.

Oh, and by the way, I saw the film in the original version. It’s not bad for authenticity, but even with that, Oppenheimer  failed to seduce me. In summary, the film tried to do something different, but the complicated choices made the experience less enjoyable for me. Maybe it’s just not my style, but I expected better.


In 1942, convinced that Nazi Germany was developing a nuclear weapon, the United States initiated, in the greatest secrecy, the “Manhattan Project” intended to develop the first atomic bomb in history. To pilot this device, the government hired J. Robert Oppenheimer, a brilliant physicist, who would soon be nicknamed “the father of the atomic bomb”. It is in the ultra-secret Los Alamos laboratory, in the heart of the New Mexico desert, that the scientist and his team developed a revolutionary weapon whose dizzying consequences continue to weigh on today’s world…

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