It’s Only the End of the World – Cinema

General informations

Duration – 99 minutes.
DirectorXavier Dolan.
Release date – September 21, 2016

My comment and My sum up

It’s not a movie that I would recommend for any particular reason. But this film brings information about certain types of families about their homework and thought. It was more a story that seems true, but with the attention of the producer to make it clear that the family, it’s true that it’s sacred and that you have to take it for granted. In the film, we see who is not welcome in a cool way by his family, especially his big brother Antoine, who freaks out every two seconds with his sometimes misplaced humor and by his sister who was happy that he came back afterwards. a lot of time off, but at the same time, you can tell she’s not happy. And the mother who is preparing at the last minute for the arrival of her son, which shows that her son is not one of the priorities. But also the fact that the scene takes place all in the same place which limits the openings to nature.


Louis, a writer, returns to see his family in his native village after twelve years of absence, to announce his imminent death. This reunion brings back memories but creates tensions between family members.


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