Petit Paysan – Cinema

General informations

Duration – 90 minutes.
Director – Hubert Charuel.
Release date – August 30, 2017

My comment

It’s a very good film that will tell the hard life of breeders, and how they will try to manage the mad cow disease that affects their animals.

My sum up

A breeder named Pierre learns of the existence of mad cow disease and he takes it lightly. When this one reaches his first cow, he rushes to kill her so that she does not contaminate the other cows. Once killed, during a control of the cow number by an organization* (I don’t know what to put.) he says that she is escaping and does not know where she is going. Then he decides to go see the Belgian breeder who announces to him the existence of the disease, once he arrives the Belgian refuses to help him and orders him to go home.
The second is touch, his sister decides to examine the cows and unfortunately, they are taken by another organization* (I still don’t know. 😉 ). It’s finish. I don’t really remember!


Pierre wakes up one morning surrounded by cows. Dumb, massive, they clutter his interior so well that he struggles to slip into his kitchen. However, this does not seem to surprise him, or even change anything in his habits. By ringing, the alarm clock will tear him away from this dream, which was only the reverse of his daily life. A small farmer, Pierre cannot fail to be concerned about the health and performance of the animals to which he devotes most of his time. While his veterinarian sister makes a routine visit, he also shares a concern with her: what if one of his cows were contaminated by the “Belgian disease”? The hypothesis is ruled out, but soon the symptoms appear. Deciding to kill the animal himself so as not to have to sacrifice the whole herd in the name of the precautionary principle, Pierre then enters the spiral of dissimulation and obsession. In order not to arouse suspicion, he tries to preserve a social life – by going out with the baker, who could become a girlfriend, as with his friends. But he himself suffers from a strange skin disease. His only recourse then seems to be a Belgian breeder who, after having lost everything, denounces his fate in videos posted online. This meeting turns out to be a failure. Pierre decides to return, leaving the veterinary services to take care of his animals. These are killed, and for the first time in a long time, Pierre gets up without having anything to do with his day.


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